Why do I need to apply for a sewer lateral permit?


Obtaining a sewer lateral permit is required before installing a sewer lateral in Oakland, California. Sewer permits issued by the city are designed to ensure that installation and upgrade work complies with local health and safety ordinances as well as to ensure the public sewer system is protected from any possible damage or contamination.

Many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the City of Oakland, require property owners to obtain a sewer lateral permit and inspection when a private sewer lateral is installed. Before work begins, a plumbing contractor must possess or acquire an appropriate license to install a sewer lateral on private property or on a city easement. Property owners must request an inspection at least 48 hours before sewer lateral work begins. Once the sewer lateral is installed, a city inspector will visit the property and inspect the material, connections, and quality of work. The inspector may also require compaction test results.

What is a side sewer permit?

A side sewer permit allows properly licensed contractors to install a sewer lateral on a public easement. Side sewer permits are issued for the pipe span beyond the sewer trap, extending outwards and up to the main sewer line.

What if my private sewer lateral is near a creek?

Property owners whose sewer lateral is located near a creek are required to obtain a Creek Protection Permit, in addition to the standard private sewer lateral inspection permit – before sewer lateral work commences.

PSL map sf bay areaBecause creeks have been identified as an essential resource for the City of Oakland, city and county policymakers have enacted more robust environmental protections over the last 25 years. The most notable measure for homeowners is the Creek Protection Permit.

The City of Oakland’s Stormwater Ordinance stipulates guidelines, standards, and restrictions for development of construction projects near identified creeks. Permits are required to ensure that sewer lateral repair or replacement on property that is situation near a watershed creek will prevent or minimize negative externalities for important storm watershed creeks and stormwater drainage features.

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