Commercial Plumbing Services

Pipe Spy plumbers solve little problems and BIG problems. We are equipped and capable to handle the most challenging sewer drain line situations.

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Sewer Line Repair for Commercial Property


Couldn't be happier with the quality of the work and how quickly it was done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Jez S.

Pipe Spy is experienced in replacing sewer laterals and drain lines for commercial properties. When the lines must continue to work while repairs are completed, call Pipe Spy.

Pipe Spy understands what it takes to test and repair commercial property sewer and drain lines. If work needs to be done after hours of normal operations, we can accommodate you. If your building works 24/7 and needs a by-pass set up pump system, call us. When compliance for your commercial property sale needs to happen and you have a large size building drain to test, we are your crew.

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General Plumbing for Commercial Property

Pipe Spy handles many plumbing problems inside the building as well. Commercial kitchens are especially hard on interior drain pipes.

We provide maintenance service for many local restaurant drains to keep them operational. Pipe Spy installs EBMUD-approved grease interceptors, and repairs worn out drain lines. We'll help you manage the timing of these repairs so your business can serve your customers uninterrupted.

Our commercial property plumbing services also include storm drainage and water service lines. Please contact us for any sewer or water line issues you may have, and Pipe Spy will help you find the best solutions for your business.


I know how important it is to produce quality work, on time and within budget. Thanks and appreciation for the excellent work.

Eric Z.