Residential and General Plumbing Services

The Pipe Spy team is staffed with experienced plumbers. As we fix your sewer, we can also service your property's basic plumbing needs.

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New Water Service


This is a savvy, customer-oriented company with tremendous expertise and experience.

Thomas H.

Having problems with water supply to your fixtures? Remodeling? Building a new home? Plumbing issues?

Many East Bay homes were built with a ½” steel pipe supply from the water meter to the fixtures in your home, and those small pipes are still in place today. Pipe Spy can help you upgrade your water lines to get the right volume and pressure to your plumbing fixtures.

Interior plumbing changes are often a part of home remodels, so your need for plumbing services and water delivery to the existing or new fixtures may have changed. When remodeling, a new water service line might be the right solution for you.

And if you are building a new East Bay home from the ground up, our Pipe Spy sewer installation plumbers will ensure that your new property has properly installed water lines to deliver adequate volume and pressure to all of your new fixtures.

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Residential and General Plumbing Services

Our professional plumbers are experienced and will answer your basic plumbing questions.

When you have a plumbing issue, our goal is to connect you with competent service right away. Our office staff are trained to ask you the right questions, so we can send you the best Pipe Spy plumbing service technicians to solve your problems, as quickly as possible.

If you call Pipe Spy and all of our service plumbers are committed to other customers, Pipe Spy has resources to connect you to a list of reliable referred plumbing contractors.


Their work quality deserves more than 5 stars.

Lisa V.