Sewer Camera Inspection

We conduct sewer camera inspections across the East Bay Area, including Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Livermore, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, and Richmond. Pipeline camera inspections are the most effective way to examine your underground sewer drain lines, sewer pipes, and overall plumbing system.

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How Much Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Cost?


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A typical sewer camera inspection costs $200 for a residential sewer lateral inspection, and most video inspections are completed within one hour (sewer line inspection cost varies if more time is required).

The $200 fee includes all setup, inspection, and cleanup time as well as plenty of time for you to talk to our knowledgeable service technician and get direct answers to your plumbing concerns.

There are times a sewer lateral inspection may cost more than $200. If there is no accessible cleanout available, we may need to remove a toilet, complete the camera inspection, and reinstall the toilet. We charge an additional $250 for toilet removal and reinstallation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about a sewer camera inspection.

We provide sewer camera inspections in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville, Albany, Walnut Creek, and throughout the East Bay region.

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How Does the Video Inspection Process Work?

Pipe Spy uses a state-of-the-art video inspection camera to gather visual information about the condition of your sewer line. This is the first step for both solving sewer problems and for obtaining a sewer compliance certificate.

First, we look for a point of access to the sewer line, such as an accessible clean out. If no clean out is present, we will inform you of other options for the video inspection. Note that the sewer pipe must be draining to get a good image on the DVD recording. If there is a blockage in the sewer line, we may power snake or hydrojet the line first to remove the built-up debris.

Next, service technicians push the camera through the sewer pipe from the clean out to the sanitary main, while they closely inspect and take note of any breaks or blockages in the sewer pipe line. The entire sewer lateral inspection is digitally recorded onto a DVD disc, including the inspector's comments. We'll provide you with a copy of the DVD as well as submit the video to local EBMUD authority, utility, or city agency to demonstrate sewer compliance with local sewer lateral ordinances.

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Diagnostics and Troubleshooting


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Pipe Spy solves sewer problems others cannot. Other companies, city inspectors, and property owners call upon Pipe Spy to solve more complicated water problems and sewage issues.

Most sewer repair projects we do are straight-forward, because of our team's depth of experience. Our plumbing staff meets regularly to share all of our plumbing project experiences, which gives you the benefit of decades of problem-solving.

When sewer projects are complex, Pipe Spy is the go-to sewer replacement contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our diagnostic expertise ensures that your sewer repair project will be executed with the skill and attention it requires. Our commitment to excellence has led to the highest quality customer service ratings from Diamond Certified since 2013. 

What Is Sewer Line Compliance?

The various sewer compliance ordinances basically want the same goal: your sewer lateral to be water tight. But each sanitary district has different rules and regulations about how to achieve that goal. The pros at Pipe Spy are your sewer compliance experts!

The permit process can be complex and time-consuming, even for a simple project. Pipe Spy navigates the entire permit and sewer compliance certificate process for you. The Pipe Spy team is well-versed in the different sewer lateral compliance ordinances around the East Bay, including the EBMUD PSL Compliance ordinance.

The 'water tight' rule is about preventing extra water processing at the treatment plant (the extra water comes from "InI" - In-flow and Infiltration). Please see our FAQs for more about "What is Sewer Compliance?"


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