How We Replace Sewer Lines in the Basement or Under a Slab Foundation


One of the most unfortunate places for a sewer line leak is in your concrete basement or especially under a slab foundation home. These leaks can exponentially increase your water bill and cause long-term property damage if unresolved. But don’t panic if you notice signs of sewer line damage in your basement. Pipe Spy may be able to help you resolve these issues.

Symptoms of Sewer Line Issues in the Basement

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There are multiple symptoms of sewer line issues under your home. The first of which are recurring backups. If you have regular backups that you can’t explain or pinpoint, you really want to investigate as soon as possible.

A change of your basement or slab foundation’s texture could also indicate a problem. If you walk around barefooted and you stumble upon water spots or soft spots on your basement floor, this may indicate that you have a sewer line leak.

Instances of property damage, such as foundation damage, landscape damage from pooling water, or cracks in the walls of your home, could also indicate a sewer line problem.

Other problems that may arise from a faulty sewer line in the basement include water seeping through the concrete, widening cracks or separation settling and foul odors that could be a result standing sewage or mold growth.

What to Do When You Detect an Issue

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If any of these symptoms apply to your home, you will need to replace the sewer line. To prevent further damage to your home, call a sewer replacement specialist, such as Pipe Spy.

Though traditional, open replacement methods exist, we recommend using a trenchless sewer line replacement method because it is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and prevents disturbances from regular home activities. In addition, trenchless sewer replacement lasts longer and prevents the need for more immediate repairs in the future.

At Pipe Spy, we first do a camera inspection service to confirm the issue with the sewer line in your basement or under your slab foundation. During the inspection, we’re often able to locate the line and find out if it is encased within the concrete or situated further underneath the slab itself. Once determined, we make sure we aren’t risking damage to electrical conduits or radiant heat piping in the concrete slab of the property. The wrong move on this and a property owner could end up replacing some very expensive systems in addition to the initial problem. Afterward, we would implement our trenchless sewer line repair method to seamlessly replace the old pipe in your basement or under your concrete slab foundation with a brand new pipe that will last a lifetime. 

We engineer solutions to restore the slab or basement flooring back to (or as close as possible to) its original state. We work closely with property owners, drawing on their input and knowledge of the original materials used so that the project area looks virtually undisturbed.

Basement and foundation repairs are a complex undertaking for any contractor. Pipe Spy uses its 40+ years of experience to provide work that our customers can be proud of.  If you notice any symptoms of sewer line issues in your basement, don’t delay as it may be costly. Contact Pipe Spy today.

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