Environmentally-friendly Sewer Repair: Now California Green Business Certified!

Creating a sustainable, eco-friendly community is incredibly important to those in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area community – and Pipe Spy is proud to do our part to contribute to these efforts.

We’re proud to announce that Pipe Spy is now “Green Certified” as a part of the California Green Business Program, an initiative to promote and create a more environmentally-friendly California and Bay Area.

What is the California Green Business Program?

The California Green Business Program is a network of California cities and counties focused on building a vibrant and healthy green economy. This network works with small to medium-sized businesses across all industries in California to promote healthier environments and communities and conserve valuable resources and energy through responsible, environmentally-friendly business practices.

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What does it mean to be Green Certified?

Green Certification isn’t just about receiving a certificate – it means practical efforts to build a healthier community and environment.

According to the California Green Business Program, certified businesses have saved:

  • 835,334 metric tons of CO2, or the equivalent of planting 44,161 acres of urban trees for 10 years
  • 333,586,553 kWh, or the equivalent of powering 30,616 houses for an entire year
  • 432,917 metric tons of waste, or the equivalent of 54,591 garbage trucks
  • 149,943,108 gallons of water, or the equivalent of 428 bathtubs of fresh drinking water every hour
  • 31,566 gallons of hazardous waste, or the equivalent of 574 fifty-five gallon drums
  • 13,444 gallons of fuel, or the equivalent of 23 cars

Our Green Certification means that at Pipe Spy, we’re making a difference in promoting and creating a “green” community.

The Importance of Green Certification


At Pipe Spy, we recognize the importance of responsible, sustainable business. We firmly believe in the motto, “One planet.” We only have one planet – and we have a responsibility, as individuals and as a business, to protect it as best we can.

Whether it’s using post-consumer recycled paper around the Pipe Spy office, driving one of our hybrid vehicles to check in with a client, or recycling more than 95% of the materials we collect from the field, we strive to set the gold standard in being as “green” as possible. Being Green-certified and a part of the California Green Business Network is just another step in being an industry and community leader in creating a healthy, sustainable Oakland and Bay Area.

Our Commitment to Responsible, Sustainable Practices

Off-site practices

Our Green Certification starts with us – our internal commitment to building a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area. Even before providing our trenchless sewer repair or replacement services, we take a “look in the mirror” approach; we work to make sure that our internal practices reflect our commitment to creating an environmentally-friendly community in the Bay Area. Some of these practices include:

  • Special storm drain covers in-house to prevent chemical, dirt and debris spills into the storm water
  • Monitoring our solar energy efficiency and upgrading our system as technology updates
  • Developing a ‘Green Team’ to support our sustainability efforts and compliance

On-site practices

When out in the field, our team of sewer repair experts make sure that we’re doing everything possible to not disrupt the surrounding environment through environmentally-friendly plumbing and sewer repair practices. This includes:

  • Preventing run-off into storm water and other water conservation actions and measures
  • Recycling materials such as cast iron piping, wood, metals and pallet materials collected from sewer repair and other plumbing projects – over 95% of job by-product waste is recycled
  • Using low-emissions tools and equipment while in the field
  • Sustainable landscape restoration, including re-using dug-up dirt in covering and repaving decomposing waste at local landfills

Additionally, all of our work is done by our team – no sub-contractors necessary. This ensures that all of our work is done properly, effectively and within the high green standards we set for our work.

Environmentally-friendly Plumbing & Sewer Repair Services

When looking for sewer repair services, it’s important to find a partner who gets the job done right. This means not only getting the job done effectively, but it also means finding a partner who takes pride in getting work done in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Pipe Spy has been a part of the Oakland and Bay Area community since 1998, serving as a leader in sustainable sewer repair and plumbing services. Our expertise, knowledge and experience ensures your sewer repair will be effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Interested in choosing Pipe Spy to be your sewer repair and plumbing partner? Contact our team to learn more about our services.