Buying a Home in the Spring and the Benefits of Going Green

Earth Day in Oakland

While there may be regional differences in peak real estate seasons across the country, it’s well known that peak home buying in the spring is universal. The weather is nice, and sellers can show their properties in the best light. Likewise, green features can keep your home running more efficiently at lower cost, so it’s something for sellers to consider when making their properties more luminous to show off in a competitive market.

If you’re thinking about green tech or specialty features, Pipe Spy has a few tips to help you have a more, eco-friendly experience in your newly purchased home.

In an October 2019 report, Nielsen found that 73% of global consumers would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. That means that three quarters of the consumers surveyed are likely to change their behaviors so that they have less of an impact on the environment.

With that valuable data, it is safe to believe that spring is the perfect time of year to appeal to home buyers with sustainable upgrades and money-saving green features. After all, spring is the time of year for several green holidays (including Earth Day) and conservation awareness. It’s a great time to impress potential buyers while green priorities are at top of mind – but sellers won’t always hit the mark when it comes to your personal taste, and buyers may want to make choices that personally suit them.

In addition, buyers interested in green home features know how quickly technology advances and should plan accordingly when making home feature selections. New eco-friendly technology can make your home smarter and more efficient. Paying attention to trends plus keeping up with the latest news may also be a big help in choosing what’s right for your home.

green plumbing in Oakland

Pipe Spy was certified as a California Green Business back in 2016 – and we have always practiced green measures within the company and at HQ:

  • Our HQ office has used 95% solar powered energy since 2016.
  • We’ve had hybrid cars in our fleet with a convenient charging station on site.
  • We’ve recycled 90% of our post project waste materials.
  • We practice water conservation at every step of our operations.

You can count on us to demonstrate solutions for “greening up” your property.

Some things you can do before you make your springtime home purchase:

  • Negotiate with the seller to have the EBMUD sewer compliance satisfied and the interior drain lines inspected as part of the sale. This will ensure the home is optimally conserving water, leaks are minimum to none, and you have a clean slate with your plumbing with no worries about expensive surprises as the seasons change.
  • Look for outlets and hookups that support green hardware and appliances. Match them up with the items you already have and or intend to purchase.
  • Double check your home inspection report for areas of efficiency that may need improvement, such as gas lines, electrical, water and fiber, or cable connections. You may save a few dollars on the asking price if any of these systems need a significant amount of work.
  • List the types of recycling you’ll need in your new home from basic to hazardous and then find out which recycling options are available to you in the local area where you are looking for a home. This way you know what to expect in terms of waste management bills, any extras you’ll need, and the cost of dropoff to out of area recycling centers (if needed) in a given month.

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You’ll have a lot to consider before you make the purchase so weigh all of your options and make sure you’ve communicated to your realtor your desire for a greener more sustainable home in the onset. Prioritizing it could save you time and money.

After the purchase of your choice home, there are a few things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure peace of mind for years to come:

• Research, source and purchase eco-friendly appliances (such as Energy Star dishwashers, washer/dryers, refrigerators, water heaters and HVAC units).
• Have your storm drain system inspected to make sure it is not connected to your sewer line, draining to the proper place, and not blocked with leaves dirt or debris.
• Source and choose water conserving fixtures such as low flow toilets, water conserving aerators, dish spray nozzles ,and shower heads
Consider other water sustainable conservation features, even outside of your home, like water saving hose nozzles, downspout rain diverters, repurposed rain capture barrels, and recycled tire soaker hoses for garden bed irrigation.
• If you haven’t already done so, make the switch to greener, homemade or natural cleaning products. They’re gentler on your home’s appliances and utility systems and can keep them running in peak condition for a longer product life.

East Bay Earth Day

Solar panels, grey water systems, hybrid cars with home charging stations, and home insulation such as double or triple-glazed windows are big ticket items you may not be ready to consider when purchasing a home, but they are more than worth the expense they save you in energy bills, petrol, and water usage costs. These are items you can work toward installing during the, wishfully long, life of your property.
Lastly, as you consider and exercise all or some of these options remember that there is an entire community of people around you who care about the environment as much as you do. Don’t hesitate to get involved, find eco-friendly allies in your new neighborhood and join local Earth Day festivities to learn new tips on how make your life in your newly purchased home greener with ease!

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