The Busiest Time for a Plumber

Every industry has fluctuations throughout the year, and plumbing’s no different. Factors such as weather and seasonal demands determine the busiest time for a plumber. Calling a plumber when they are at the height of their busy season can delay more urgent maintenance and repairs. So, knowing these times is important so you can plan accordingly.

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When is the Busiest Season for Plumbers?

The busiest time for a plumber is between September and December. During this span of time, Pipe Spy receives more calls.

Due to the property risks associated with the rainy season, plumbers tend to be busier right before the rain starts. In California, that can be anywhere between October and December. More specifically, the busiest day of the year for plumbers is right after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday (also referred to as “Brown Friday”), plumbers can receive up to 50% more calls than they usually do on an average Friday.

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We also receive a higher volume of calls when the rainy seasons hits. Here in the Bay Area, this can be anywhere between October and April. Due to the strong impact of climate change, however, this timeframe is drastically changing. The current warming of the earth’s temperature is creating unpredictable cycles of rainfall and drought in California, and those changes affect how we think about the launch of annual home improvements.

We’ve also, more recently, seen spikes in calls during the Summer, between May and September. These spikes coincide with annual home improvements, random smoke tests done by the city, and increased home purchases requiring private sewer lateral (PSL) compliance. In addition, general interior plumbing issues, such as washing machine backups, make summer a busier time for plumbers—the weather yields to work being done and repairs seem to be more preventative vs. reactive.

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What Can You Do During a Plumber’s Busiest Times?

Making a call during the busiest time for a plumber can hold up work being done when you have pressing issues. So, the best thing you can do during this time is take preventative measures and try to be equipped with a few contacts for back-up services that may aide in short term solutions (such as your local rooting service).

1.  Keep Sinks Free from Food Scraps

Clogged sinks are the most common plumbing problem on Black Friday. To prevent your sinks from clogging, dispose of grease and hearty food scraps, such as bits of turkey, in the garbage bin instead of the kitchen sink or garbage disposal. This method of prevention is also good in the summer, when barbeques and family gatherings are frequent.

2. Only Flush Waste and Toilet Paper

The aftermath of events such as Thanksgiving or a family barbeque can lead to heavy toilet use and the flushing of toilet-clogging products like wipes (flushable or otherwise). By only flushing waste and toilet paper, you prevent the need for a plumber during heavy usage times.

Learn more about What Not to Flush.

3.  Take Care of Your Storm Drain System

Having an effective storm drain system during the rainy season has many benefits including flood prevention. Taking care of your storm drain system during the spring can prevent expensive, urgent repairs. For more tips, read about how to prevent your storm drain from clogging.

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What if Prevention Doesn’t Work?

If you’re still running into problems even during our busiest times, contact our team. Our resourceful representatives can help address your issue in a timely manner and or offer up a few referral sources if our capacity to help is limited. We are the East Bay’s trusted experts in trenchless sewer line replacement, camera inspections, repair and maintenance, and more.

Contact our team to discuss your project and request more information.