2016 Year in Review: Case Studies & Customer Reviews

2016 was a very busy year for Pipe Spy. From general sewer repairs to full private sewer lateral replacements, our team of sewer repair experts have kept busy providing custom solutions across the Bay Area.

We’re excited to highlight some of the great work our team provided during 2016, and we’re even more excited to continue providing our community in Oakland and the Bay Area in the new year!

Customer Case Study: Sewer Lateral Replacement

Project Quickfacts
ProblemCamera inspection revealed blockage and damage to clay sewer lateral
SolutionTrenchless Sewer Lateral Replacement
Project Duration3 days
LocationOakland, CA

One of the projects we’re excited to share is from a recently completed project. Oscar, an Oakland resident, contacted Pipe Spy for his clay sewer lateral, which was to be inspected for EBMUD PSL Compliance.

The Problem

sewer camera inspection revealed that roots had obstructed the pipe, and off-set the pipe joints were visible as well. Based on the sewer lateral TV inspection, it was determined that the pipe needed to be replaced in order to comply with the EBMUD codes.

The Solution


To ensure a long-lasting sewer lateral in compliance with EBMUD standards, our trenchless engineers determined a trenchless sewer lateral replacement would be the best solution. A trenchless sewer lateral replacement would be the best, most efficient solution while causing little disruption to the home and its surroundings.

Using our trenchless repair method, our trenchless experts were able to install a new, 4” HDPE SDR 17 pipe running from the house to the city sewer main. This replacement also included the installation of brand new cleanout fittings for easier, more efficient inspections in the future.

A follow-up TV pipes inspection and pressure testing were performed to ensure a quality trenchless sewer installation. As a next step, the team then started restoring any disturbed areas from the project: soil, concrete, and garden areas. Our restoration process included delivery of backfill materials and proper soil compaction. We then restored disturbed concrete from a walkway. The field crew made it look like our team had never been there. In fact, Oscar was particularly satisfied that this part of the process was especially well done, leaving the yard completely clean and restored.

What They Said

While our team was enthusiastic about the success of Oscar’s trenchless sewer lateral replacement, we were even more excited to hear Oscar’s feedback. Here’s what Oscar had to say about his trenchless sewer lateral replacement:

“We initially received a referral (to Pipe Spy) from a real estate company prior to buying our property. (Pipe Spy) was a one stop shop to get permits, perform the work and coordinate inspections.”

“The service was excellent – from customer to service to actual work. The crew left our place clean after completing our work, as if nothing had taken place. I work in construction and was impressed by their efficiency and coordination with EBMUD and City of Oakland. Solid service and will strongly recommend Pipe Spy.”

More Projects from 2016

Pipe Spy in 2017 and Beyond

In 2016, we took pride in providing the best personal service we could for every project. It’s especially satisfying when our clients mention this when providing our team with feedback about their project. Each client has unique needs, and no matter what the project – a trenchless sewer replacement, a sewer camera inspection, or general sewer repair – might entail, we make sure the project receives the personal dedication and attention it deserves.

As we move into 2017, we’ll continue to work hard to bring the same level of personal service and dedication to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s a sewer lateral replacement or a sewer repair, we’re excited to continue to work with our customers across the Bay Area in 2017!

Do you have an upcoming need in 2017? Pipe Spy has serviced Oakland, CA and the surrounding Bay Area since 1998. Contact our trenchless sewer repair experts to get started with your project.