How do I shut off the water in my house?

Learn how to shut off the water in your house BEFORE you experience a plumbing emergency!

Homeowners can care for their homes by being prepared to shut off all utilities, including gas lines, water systems and meters.

Leak in your ceiling? Installing a new fixture? Turn off the water by locating the shut-off valve where the water pipeline from the water meter enters the house. Your house will most likely have a “gate valve” – for a gate valve turn Clockwise = Closed or Off, turn Counter-clockwise = Open or On. A more recent version of a shut-off valve is a “ball valve” (handle valve) – for a ball valve, turn Away from the water line (perpendicular) = Closed or Off, turn Parallel to the water line = Open or On.

If you cannot find your shut-off valve, please ask a plumber for help.