How long does a sewer line last?

A sewer line should last a lifetime – normal sewer line life is 50-100 years

Sewer line integrity depends on how the pipe was originally installed, what’s happened to the ground over time, and what surrounds the sewer. Improper embedment of the sewer line, insufficient ground compaction and earth movement are some of the causes of sewer line damage. The pipe may be fine, but the joints can fail, allowing root intrusion from trees, or seepage.

East Bay sewer systems were installed 50-100 years ago with clay pipe or iron pipe. Those sewer lines are aging, fast. Pipe Spy replaces sewer pipes with HDPE pipe. HDPE pipe should last 100 years or more. Pipe Spy work crews make sure that the HDPE pipe is properly installed to prevent improper slope and seepage. After a Pipe Spy sewer line replacement project, your sewer will last into the next century.