Pipe Spy’s Building – Now with More Art! from Muralist Kate DeCiccio

Pipe Spy’s customers rarely visit our headquarters, but we have some exciting news to share about it. We’ve always been proud of the Pipe Spy warehouse, with its distinctive blue-and-yellow striping. Now we are proud to present the mural art of SF Bay Area’s Kate DeCiccio, which Pipe Spy commissioned to honor our local West Oakland community.

PipeSpy Building Mural by Kate DeCiccio

About Kate Deciccio

Kate DeCiccio is an international Street painter, Mural artist, and Educator. Having started her career as a Mental Health and Substance abuse counselor, she later became an art teacher and mural artist to use her dedication to making art in the community a tool for a counter-narrative. Her work and influence can be seen in Washington, DC, Peru, right here in West Oakland and other San Francisco neighborhoods.

We are proud to be a part of Deciccio’s mission and we look forward to spotting more of her work as we travel in the East Bay.  #k8deciccio

For more information about Kate Deciccio or to follow her work, visit her on LinkedInInstagram, and Tumblr.