Sewer Lateral Compliance Guide for HOAs and Condo Owners

An update post about this topic is available here. Sewer lateral compliance in the San Francisco Bay Area is a common point of confusion for property owners in our community. Recently, our team has heard from several Homeowner’s Associations and HOA members with questions about how private sewer lateral compliance services should be approached in their unique living situation. Let’s take … Read More

The Pipe Spy Difference

Prospective customers frequently ask us: What is it that makes our team different? What exactly is the Pipe Spy difference? One of our guiding principles is that we want to be the sewer repair company you’ll recommend to your friends and neighbors. This mission has led our team to develop the expertise, depth of experience and knowledge of local sewer … Read More

Identifying Sewer Line Problems: Key Tips for Troubleshooting a Break

Although you might not pay much attention to them at first, sewer line problems will make themselves known through extensive damage to your home if left untreated. Luckily, there are symptoms such as clogs, backups and other sewer problem warning signs that can alert attentive homeowners to hidden damage before things get out of hand. These are the things you … Read More

Underground Utilities – What You Need to Know Before You Dig

Replacing underground utilities is a complex process. Whenever a homeowner plans to excavate or dig into the ground in any way, it’s critical to locate and avoid damaging utility lines buried under your property. Here’s what you need to know before digging. What Are Underground Utilities? The term “utility” refers to the services provided by public utility companies, including electricity, natural gas, … Read More

How to Clean a Sewer Line


Your toilet water is bubbling. Your water is backing up in the tub. Your kitchen sink’s drain is making strange noises. It’s starting to sound like you need to clean your sewer line. When you’re busy with work, with managing kids, or even just catching up on your favorite TV show, cleaning a sewer blockage isn’t usually something people are … Read More

How to be Eco-Friendly in the Plumbing and Sewer Industry

Although our industry is NOT known for its contributions to the environment, we have a unique opportunity to affect the sustainability of our communities through eco-friendly plumbing and sewage business practices. Pipe Spy and other sewage contractors work at the intersection of buildings (which account for about 40% of U.S. energy consumption) and water (a limited resource). This means that our work, … Read More

Private Sewer Laterals: What Is a Private Sewer Lateral and How Does It Work?

Most homeowners only think about where sewage goes when there’s an unexpected problem. When that problem involves your home’s sewage system, chances are good that you’ll be learning about your private sewer lateral (or PSL) for the first time. What is a Private Sewer Lateral? A private sewer lateral (PSL) is the pipe that connects your home’s plumbing to the publicly-owned sanitary … Read More

When to Replace a Sewer Line

If persistent drain issues are occurring in your home, there may be a bigger sewer pipe problem hiding underground. Sometimes it’s possible to fix a clog or other sewer line issue with simple drain cleaning and maintenance that the homeowner can have serviced, but there comes a point when these methods won’t solve the problem. At that point, sewer lines … Read More

2016 Year in Review: Case Studies & Customer Reviews

2016 was a very busy year for Pipe Spy. From general sewer repairs to full private sewer lateral replacements, our team of sewer repair experts have kept busy providing custom solutions across the Bay Area. We’re excited to highlight some of the great work our team provided during 2016, and we’re even more excited to continue providing our community in … Read More

Sewer Camera Inspections Revealed

A sewer camera inspection is a vital part of keeping your property’s sewer line working properly and effectively. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, a sewer camera inspection can help property owners maintain their sewer line and identify issues before they become a bigger problem. What is a Sewer Camera Inspection? A sewer camera inspection is a process that inspects a … Read More